Canadian National Spaniel Field Trial Championship

October 15 , 2021
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Burwash, Ontario (and possible other locations in Southern Ontario).


As of Aug. 9 2021 the Federal Gov has announced that the Canadian Border will open to fully vaccinated US travellers. The particulars up to date particulars on the border and what you need to prepare for to make your crossing go smoothly are available by contacting Canadian border Services and or the Gov site

Currently the border is using a system where you file your vaccination information prior to arrival called arrive Canada. We would recommend you become up to date on its use and comply with its requirements.

Lastly it is at the border officers discretion as to your and your dogs admissibility into the country. If you are a commercial entity you should speak with a customs agent to arrange for appropriate commercial entry of you and your dogs into the country. While most dogs with their owners are admissible as pets and only need their rabies certificate, some situations will require commercial paperwork. You would be wise to familiarize yourself with the criteria for your situation and prepare appropriate documents.

For commercial entry into Canada of dogs, Richardsons customs brokerage has provided us a great services. For return to the USA Mowhawk brokerage has also been extremely useful in helping with tax free temporary importation of commercial dogs for running field trials for professionals.

As the trial does not provide a purse or financial compensation to the winners or placing dogs, or handlers the central concern by the border on both sides is knowing that the dogs you are brining in will be coming back out and that they are healthy.

The laws for crossing the border with dogs into both countries have been on the books for a long time and are just now receiving stricter enforcement. It is our hope that by providing you this information we can guide you to seek the professional services you may need if you are a commercial entity and make your crossing smoother. By no means should this information take the place of seeking professional assistance